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Our History

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Our company has started its journey 25 years ago in Afghanistan despite the unfavorable political climate and warfare that torn apart the country for several decades. Our main business was grocery trading. Our first store was opened in Sheberghan. Taking from there, we opened a general store in Mazar-e-Sharif, the 2nd biggest commercial city of Afghanistan. In 1990, we constructed the first modern multi-storey shopping complex, Kefayat Market, in Northern Afghanistan. The first two stores were great success for our company but the Kefayat Market was a tremendous achievement in terms of the increase in business turnovers and growth it provided.

Later on we opened a branch in Kabul and included carpets and food products as well. Another trading opportunity that simultaneously came our way was the heavy duty vehicles and construction materials that we supplied to Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan from Russia beside our market business.

During our stay in Afghanistan we had survived severe macro crisis, thanks to our unique corporate governance strategies, dynamic structure and effective economic measures which we were able to implement immediately in response to those crises. Such measures not only provided us the stability that we needed but also helped us achieve a tremendous growth in a comparatively shorter period of time.

Early 1990s was a boost for the global economy and a significant period of time for the development of our company. To be a part of this new economy, we moved our headquarters to Dubai in 1994. The stable business environment in Dubai not only provided us a better climate for growth but also encouraged us for expanding into new ventures and different trade activities. Besides we gained access to commercial banking facilities that we lacked in Afghanistan.

During Taliban Regime the Kefayat Group Companies kept a low profile in the Afghan markets which naturally led our activities to intensify more on other countries rapidly. In the meantime we were quick to notice the growing demand in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan for lubricants and tires. To meet such demand we entered these markets as distributors of TOTAL and Hankook Tire.

In 2002 our businesses in Afghanistan re-gained momentum as we invested to energy and petroleum products, lubricants, PVC & aluminum, electronics and hospitality industry.

All together Kefayat Group has become the leading company in Afghanistan as a result of its resilient, dynamic and decisive character which was there right from the start. Our ability to face the circumstances of the day and to be able to use the right tools to deal with difficulties has proven our strength and our belief. What is ahead of us is to make use of these two powerful assets to polish the way for us toward the future.

Our Vision

Trust started as a sole practitioner providing services to the area community.
Our Office has now grown to five lawyers and provides expert legal representation.


Our Mission

To supply and deliver best quality products throughout the world. To provide world-class performance in all our service businesses. To look forward new opportunities arising and never holding back.


Our Values

Dynamism Friendly communication Innovation